Jeff Needed Surgery

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Jeff Photo Jeff Photo

Jeff Photo Jeff 2 hours after being rescued from the dog pound. The photo shows his legs encased in hair the consistency of carpet.

Below right are photo's of Jeff in his new home.

I picked up Mattie, now called Jeff from a Council Pound in Swansea. He was called Mattie because of his matted hair. I had not seen a dog so matted in a long time. He could not even put his feet down properly because the mats were so tight. What a lovely chap - loving, biddable, wanting to please, he loves cuddles and being picked up.

Jeff Photo

We, Pound Puppy and Jeff, were very lucky as we found him a brilliant home, lots of cuddles and a playmate. We thought he was sorted but it turns out this little dog who never cried or gave us any idea of what he had gone through, had over fifty fractures in his back legs. We offered to have him back and sort him out but his new family would not hear of giving up on him and their vet had already booked him in to the vets in Bristol. The bill was going to be about a 1000. I know to national rescues this is not a lot but we are on a tight budget. What is more I am so busy rescuing dogs, cats, rabbits Etc. that I just do not have the time to devote to fund raising on a regular basis. We asked for donations to help us finance Jeff's surgery.

Jeff Photo A lot of people sent us donations towards Jeffs two operations. One lovely lady even sent two donations, having had a whip round at work as well as sending a donation so thankyou Angela and colleagues. Also thankyou to Mrs Whittingham, Janet Young, G.A,Cooper and everyone who sent donations or enquired after Jeff.

Jeff has had his operations and is recovering very well. It seems one leg was making the other worse. He also had bone spurs that needed grinding off. He was on four 5 minute walks a day for 6 weeks which he found most frustrating! Jeff will always be a scruffy dog with a funny waddle but apart from that he is fine. Once again thank you all so very much, it shows there are nice caring people out there.



Page updated: 24-02-17
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