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Hi, Iím Rusty, a beautiful red haired dog and this is my story. Click on a photo to see a larger version.

Jayne rescued me from the dog pound in February 2004, as I was due - like lots of others - to be executed. No-one knows why or how I got there, for as you can see, I have a front leg missing so I couldnít have been wandering the streets!

In fact, at that time I couldnít even stand up, except by resting on my head. I also had awful ear infections. My coat was matted and mangy. The vets thought that my leg had been amputated some time ago but no-one had bothered to help me to walk again, so all my muscles had wasted away. I am quite an elderly dog, about ten or eleven years old and I was so miserable and depressed about the state I was in. What chance was there for me now?

I went to live with a foster mum who was determined to get me going. First of all she helped me to stand up when I needed to eat, drink or go to the loo though I didnít like this much. Then she took me out on a trolley to the park so that I could see grass, smell great smells and be with her other dogs. This was great and I started to want to be alive again!

Over the next few weeks, I began to stand and then slowly, slowly, to walk a few steps. This was very hard work but I wanted to be a real dog again, especially when I met other dogs at the park. I even went out in the car, taking my trolley, to different places. I also learned how nice it is to be cuddled and loved, despite all my problems.

Now I can walk really quite well. I take one big step with my front leg and three smaller ones with my back legs. I walk a little bit further each day, though I am still very slow. I know that my foster mum is really pleased with me and I am very pleased with myself. Here are some photos of me.

Click on a photo to see a larger version.
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Are we going out?       Just getting going       Full steam ahead       In the woods        Time for bed!

Rusty likes his foster home so much he has decided to make it his permanent home!

Over the next 2 years, dear old Rusty had two serious infections through which his foster mother nursed him. Then he fell and injured his good front leg, which meant he could no longer stand up, let alone walk any more. The prognosis for his leg healing was not good, so the decision was taken that he had suffered enough. Rusty was put to sleep at home; he died peacefully in the arms of the foster mother he loved and is buried in the garden he enjoyed. Rusty had a very sad, neglectful life before being rescued by Jayne. He spent his latter days happy and much loved.

Rusty is a testament to our belief that all dogs are worth saving and that even the oldest and saddest ones can both find and give happiness in loving homes.

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